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Haus des Meeres Visited

haus des meeres


We finally got to visit the Haus des Meeres (house of the sea when translated) – it is like Singapore’s Underwater World and we had a lot of fun watching the fishes and identifying the reptiles and amphibians. There were 9 or 10 maybe floors and we started first at the 2nd floor then we went up the 9th…it was a sunny winter day…so even if didn’t have our jackets we went out the terraces and looked at the cars driving below. That’s my brothers kulit and I (with my favorite pink bag).

22 telescope

Mom allowed us to use the telescope outside, we only put 1euro in it to view the buildings…see my brother has to squint his eyes because of the sunshine…we went around the terrace while mom takes photos…we then went down to see the fishes and other animals — snakes, big lizards, frogs and more. Every wall down the stairs has these colorful paintings of flowers, plants and animals. They made everything colorful, also at the restaurant were we had lunchΒ at. I will show what were on display next time.